Goal #3

(for an explanation of this goal please see bottom of this page)

January 3, 2011 

I'm really struggling with not just eating right, but getting back on track with my fitness. Tonight I made my family a vegan dinner - Veggie Pot Pie, and Spinach Salad. I screamed my father to stop as he reached for the milk. He obliged and had juice instead. 

For whatever reason, I plan and plan and plan, and yet cannot seem to get myself back on track. I know that my nutrition is on track, however, it is far from where it used to be. I think I need to re-read the last nutrition book I read (Thrive Fitness by Brendan Brazier). I am also reading his fitness book...and by reading it, I mean I get through 1-2 pages per week. 

Urgghh... hopefully I will have better news to report come tomorrow. All I can say is that I need to refocus, and re-evaluate when was I most successful.

January 1/2, 2011

  • Had a Vegan Pizza for dinner (but ate an entire medium pizza....)
  • Avoided the Breakfast Sandwich at Tim Hortons (when I am choosing to not be vegan, it's my first choice - but oh so bad for you!)
  • Bought some Fit&Fresh tupperware for bringing my lunches in to work (I got them for cheaper at Winners)

December 29, 2010
  • Walked dog this morning
  • took salad, vegetables, hummus and fruit for lunch to work
  • snacked on far too many (baked) french fries that were left over from someone's lunch (so they weren't even fresh - boo on you!)
December 28, 2010
  • Made a green monster for breakfast
  • Made a stir fry for lunch and work.
  • Ate 1 too many vegan chocolate chip cookies - but oh so yummy! 
  • Posted page on Blog to keep accountable
  • Brought food to work - and didn't buy the chips that I was eyeing!
  • Had way too many tostitos after work!

Last year, I didn't set any resolutions for myself. I ended up losing 23 lbs. This year, still on the same plan, I need to refocus. This isn't a resolution. Resolutions don't work. This is a goal. And in no way do I need to lose the rest of my weight in the next year. It is just that I am using this as a way to set a SMART goal, and follow through.  I choose to eat a vegan diet -however, I would not classify myself as a vegan (all the time). I am more of a conscious eater. 

Fitness, exercise and a healthy diet are the components of this goal... and sticking to it!