Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ring My Bell

Sorry I've been a bit MIA. I recently got offered a job, and needless to say the last few weeks have been  a bit of a whirlwind.

It got me thinking if I wanted to continue on with my Etsy shop. I originally joined Etsy as a creative outlet. Something I could do on my days off to keep me entertained. I didn't realize how time consuming it would be.  I am still figuring out Etsy, and how to be an effective seller - there certainly is a huge learning curve.  From shipping to taking the right picture, it has been quite the process:

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(Interested? Click Here)

Notice a slight improvement? I am trying to add character into my pictures now.  Not only is it more creative, but provides me with an opportunity to cross-promote my items. In this one picture I have 4 items available in my shop. It certainly will be a work in progress, but I am going to take new pics of each of my items and re-list them.

Moving on... literally - because of this job I will have to move out! SUCCESS!!! Goal numero deux is practically complete. I won't be able to move out till April however, which gives me plenty of time to think about decorating ideas. This is going to be my first "grown-up" apartment. And I feel as if I should decorate it as such. This lead me to the conclusion that I should continue on with my Etsy shop. Sitting in my paypal account is a sum of money that I am quite happy with, but there certainly could be more. I have decided that Etsy is going to fund my decor budget!  

I have already started determining a colour scheme (on the cooler side with whites, blues and greys) as well as collecting miscellaneous objects. 

Here are some things that I have my eye on from Etsy:

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I love this doll's house-esque mirror. One of the items I'm going to have in my bedroom is a vanity using a re purposed vintage desk.  This mirror is invokes the perfect image of what I want to create.  

I am keeping my eyes open for a similarly ornate desk. If it requires a fresh coat of paint, all the better - that way I can add my own personal touch. 

I am a huge fan of milkglass. I realize it is tacky, and overused - but for whatever reason, I think it is charming. This is probably because I am tacky...and overused (take whatever meaning from that you want). 

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Milkglass comes in a variety of shapes and patterns. Usually it is found as vases and decorative bowls.  As mentioned above, my colour scheme for the apartment will be blue (aquas - think Martha Stewart's traditional colour...without the dose of biotch), whites/creams and greys.  I think punches of reds and yellows will be perfect for the space. I particularly like the floral used for this image, and hydrangeas happen to be my favourite flower (if those are hydrangeas - i have a beyond black thumb so any flowers in my house will be polyester).

What I love most about Etsy is that you can get some quite unique pieces, that when well placed in a space are a lovely surprise for your eyes (that's a rhyme). 

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I have a serious issue with animal decoration. Last week, when I was on a local thrifting trip, I picked up not one, not two, but 4 elephant figurines.  I have visions of me pleading with the counselor on Hoarders about how they need me. This particular piece would be absolutely perfect for my collection. Not only is it vintage, but it has a smidgen of light blue. Plus I totally adore it's eye makeup!

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I'm in lurve. I want this. I ache for this piece. It would be such a statement piece to just have on a shelf. I couldn't care less if it works or not. It's too much fun! Obviously if in my travels I see one that isn't as lovely as this, I may pick it up...but this, this I want. I would kind of love it if it did work. I can't imagine what a wondrous bell this phone would have. I'll let you ring my bell all night long, even if the neighbours complain (oohh...inappropriate innuendo!)

I think I am going to go hunting tomorrow. Today was my day off, but there was a mayjah blizzard where I live (Canada - who knew?).  Before work I may pop into a few places to see what's new and hopefully you will see some new pieces in my shop soon!