Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I'm Liking Right Now: Robin's Egg Blue

My favourite accent colour right now is the muted, robin's egg blue. This has nothing to do with the fact that it is the signature colour of Tiffany's. Nothing at all. I swear. Noth... ok. maybe something.

It simply isn't economical to redecorate your house, or even a room every time an HGTV interior decorator announces the newest, hottest colour trends. If you pay attention, every episode there is a "new" colour trend that requires you drop some major bucks at Pottery Barn or Crate&Barrel. 

When a colour palette comes along that appeals to you, jump on it! I'm in love with robin's egg blue. I have always gravitated towards the cooler end of the spectrum with aquas and teals. This particular shade I'm enjoying because of it's vintage-esque quality (surprise surprise). There is something retro, yet modern about this muted, light blue. I figure that if Tiffany's can be so successful with having it as it's signature colour, you can't really go wrong. Plus if you do decide to accent or decorate with this colour, it gives perfect reasoning to expect lots and lots of items in those little (or big) boxes. 

Here are some great items found on Etsy that inspired me to redecorate my virtual apartment in robin's egg (ahem Tiffany's) blue. 

Fleur de lis Hanger in Robins Egg Blue
(Interested? Click Here)

This is quite adorable, and the perfect place to hang your chapeau (get it? Fleur de lis is french...chapeau - french for hat! tres awesome). An even better idea would be to hang up some great necklaces or jewelry. 

White Rose on Robins Egg Blue Pillow
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When you don't have extreme $s to spend on redecorating your already gorgeous pad, a quick and cost effective way to redecorate is through pillows. You can find them in a variety of colours, patterns and shapes. This is a great one, because not only does it feature the colour of my choice, but it is paired with a very pretty flower applique that offers great dimension.

 Bird Ceramic Lidded Vessel with Bird in Robin's Egg Blue with White Bird
(Interested? Click Here)

Where do robin's eggs come from? Birds of course! The pairing of this dish could not be more perfect. I love the palette of white and blue (the above flower was another great example of this).  Since it is food safe why not class up the traditional pot luck dinner and bring your favourite casserole over to a friends house in this dish? Just remember to get it back!

 Smith Corona Sterling Blue Typewriter
(Interested? Click Here)

I think this is a great conversation piece! Again, since I am virtually decorating my non-existing apartment, I can visualize this piece on a book shelf (surrounded by books of course).  My mother has her grandmother's antique typewriter beautifully displayed on a shelf. Not only did is it a great installation piece, but it was the perfect toy when I was younger (much to my mother's displeasure).

MCM Retro Blue Salt and Pepper Shakers 
(Interested? Click Here)

If you do have a particular colour palette in mind for decorating a room, make sure to check out some great finds on Etsy. Not only can you get some amazing vintage items, but there are some beautiful, hand crafted pieces that can be customized for your own vision. 

For more Robin's Egg Blue inspiration check out my treasury here.

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