Monday, January 10, 2011

A Sneaky Plan of Attack

Tomorrow I go on the hunt.

Instead of doing my traditional "pick up whatever catches your eye" grab, I am going to be a bit more strategic. I'm doing my research tonight to find out what are some of the trends for this season.

Scoping out various blogs, websites and etsy (of course), I have come up with a list of "ideas" that I will be looking for tomorrow. The first place to start is the Etsy Merchandising "Desk". This is where Etsy lists some of the trends they see for each month.

Here's what they see in their re-purposed fish "crystal" bowl:
  • Valentines day
  • Vintage boots
  • Teacups, teapots
  • (this is my particular favourite grouping) Fortune cookies, wishbones, fortune tellers and honey bees (how the hells did "honey bees" get tied in with the mystics?)
  • Vintage brass and cast iron animals
     Vintage Black Leather lace up Oxfords Heels Low Cut Ankle Booties
    (Interested? Click here)

    Vintage - Tea for 2 - Tea Pot & 2 Cups
    (Interested? Click Here)

    Vintage 1960's Pair of Brass Love Birds
    (Interested? Click Here)

    Vintage Brass Apple Trinket Box
    (Interested? Click Here)

    I personally love going to blogs for inspiration. In an earlier post I mentioned how when out on an impromptu hunt, my boyfriend and I came across a set of glasses. I decided to turn them down, because I myself do not like "Souvenir" items. Turns out they actually are sellers on Etsy. Boo on me. It made me realize that perhaps my focus was a bit to narrow when hunting. Shockingly, not everyone likes the same things I like. Shocking indeed. 

    This is why Blogs are fantastic. It gives me lots to look at, study and a perspective on what's on trend. Here are some slim pickings:
    I also like wasting time on Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. I'm just in love with their apartment items. Did you know that my virtual apartment is entirely decorated from their stores?

    Urban Outfitter's and Anthropologie give great inspiration to what I actually look for when out on a hunt. I always take it a step further though, and do my research on Etsy. Taking a browse through the various items there can be a great tell-tale as to what's sell-able, and what isn't.

    Here are some things that have caught my eye while on Etsy:

    Vintage Silverplate Cake Pedestal
    (Interested? Click Here)

    Having recently just perfected the best ever vegan chocolate cake (self-acclaimed title), I would love a decorative, and traditional way of presenting it. There is something classic and elegant about serving cake on a pedestal. It certainly is a step above our tradition of serving it straight from the pan it was cooked in. 

    American Bisque Yellow Parakeet with Blossom Planter
    (Interested? Click Here)

    This is a charming trinket holder. I couldn't think of a better way to hold some spare pennies, or a treats than in this planter. I realize that planters should perhaps hold plants, but I kill plants, ergo - pennies it is!

     Purple Shabby Chic Vanity
    (Interested? Click Here)

    Next to Tiffany Blue shades of purple has to be my favourite colour. I love what this designer has done to this vanity. Check out this shop indeed! There is a great assortment of vintage home decor that have been given a modern feel with a coat of artistically and deliberately applied paint. These are fantastic items that make me want to rush to the nearest hardware store and pick up a can of paint. I stop when I realize I can't draw stick figures. 

    As a recap here is what I'm going to be looking for tomorrow when out on my "hunt":
    1. Items from Etsy's Merchandising list
    2. Wall Decor (Hooks, sconces, hangers)
    3. Clothing (for my own personal wardrobe)
    4. Brass items
    5. Frames
    Upcoming Blog Posts:

    • How to build a vintage (thrift store) wardrobe
    • Repurposing DIY
    • "What I Like Now" Series


    1. Hi Kaleigh, Thanks so much for featuring my cake pedestal! Do you know that it sold right after your post? Good vibes I say! ~Lili

    2. wonderful! i love when i get to stamp a big "SOLD" image over an item!

      take care!

    3. Oops, I had to come back to tell you it was another item that sold, so it is still available. I think it was just way too early in the morning and I got it mixed up! But anyway, thanks again for featuring it!! ~Lili

    4. Oh my gosh so funny "how the hells did "honey bees" get tied in with the mystics?"

      Have fun blog hunting.

      I just love that vintage tea for 2 set!