Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Homage to my Father

My dad has had the same mustache since he was 16.

He is not allowed to shave it off because I think we would all experience separation anxiety...from the mustache.

It's obvious that the mustache is huge right now, and when you simply browse the vast selection in Etsy, you can find many items that will satisfy this trend:

 Happy Valentine Pink and Red Mustache Mug Set of 2
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Girls can enjoy the stache as well. What's cuter than having a pink mustache adorned to your coffee mug? 

I Moustache You Hard Candy Lollipops - 6 pc
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With the ability to choose your own colour and flavour, the possibilities are endless. Consider getting these for the man in your life who simply can't seem to upgrade his teenage stubble stash to a Magnum P.I. monster.

 mustache ring 
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Are there times when you wished you could go incognito? Simply place this ring on your finger, and any time you need to go unrecognized simply assume the position (finger under nose that is).  It also happens to be a unique fashion piece.  Plus it saves you from getting a tattoo of a mustache on your finger, which let's face it - in about five minutes from now you'll exclaim WTF? (or maybe not. Hopefully abbreviations will be phased out too). 

 As seen on HGTV 2 Mustache Rocks Glasses
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What don't I like about these glasses?  Firstly, I love the idea of being able to have a mustache that has nothing to do with milk every time I raise this glass to my mouth. Secondly, the story behind these glasses is fantastic. They are sandblasted in their own studio, and have been featured on HGTV (next to the FOOD network, it's my favourite). Thirdly, I'm in love with the mustache twirl.

While I may never be able to grow my own mustache (at least not without the help of extensive hormone therapy), I can certainly enjoy this current trend.  As I noted in my post about vintage kitchen ware, it seems to me that our generation's recent trends are reflecting upon comforting things of the past. Every time I see an item decorated with a stache, it reminds me of my dear old dad.

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  1. I used to work in a t-shirt shop with all the t-shirt transfers on bulletin boards on the walls. So of course I read them often. And one of them said Mustache Rides 25 cents. So now I can't see a mustache graphic without thinking of that.