Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mad Men Esque - Vintage Bar Ware!

I think we all wished we could be as suave and cool as Don Draper.  We may not be able to teleport back to the 1960’s but we can certainly drink like him. And isn’t drinking really the most important part of MAD MEN?

On one of my hunts, I found this gorgeous set of roly poly glasses (amazing name right!?)  They are amber and just scream 60s-70s esque.

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They don’t hold much, but when it is Draper-approved straight scotch, a huge tumblers worth may not be necessary…

But if it is necessary, I also found this GORGEOUS pair of Silvered Gradation Tumblers:

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For the more serious drinker! and perhaps the more fashion conscience!
And finally one more pic of those fabulous Roly Poly Glasses a la Mad Men:

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