Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Introducing Vintage Jewelry in my Shop!

What I like most about stores Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and H&M (to name a few) is that their jewelry section is always filled with pieces that remind me of something my grandmother would wear.

There is something timeless about a bauble dangling from your ear lobe.

What I am finding however is that I don’t want something that is vintage-esque…and mass produced. Rather, shopping on Etsy you can find actual vintage earrings that inspired the pieces for all the above mentioned stores.
I have now opened up a new section in my shop for vintage jewelry. So far I have only been able to find earrings that meet my rigorous demands (i.e. would I wear it?).

Click HERE to go to it.

Here are some other finds on ETSY that have caught my eye (including some of my own pieces)

And some of mine:

let’s just try to not go this far…

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