Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guilt-Free Pampering

There's nothing I enjoy more than slathering on some of my sugar/shea butter body scrub and just letting it dissolve off in the shower.  I use it. I use a lot of it. Thank goodness I make my own, because the amount of packaging and processing that would have to happen in order to suffice my need would be redonkulous. 

Since I use body scrubs in gluttonous proportions, it got me thinking: can we be eco-friendly and still pamper ourselves?

I make all my products vegan and choose to use certified organic and fair trade body butter in my scrubs. It's a step - but a small one. Everything from ingredients to packaging should be considered when enjoying some of those lux items.

 (Interested? Click Here)

The scrubs I make contain no paraffin or parabens. They are petroleum free, and contain no animal by-products (i.e. vegan). They also have no artificial fragrance or preservatives.  I never was really aware of what went into body products until I started making my own.

If I try and take such care of the inside of my body (being conscious about where my food comes from), should I not do the same for the outside? Paraffin is derived from petroleum (oil) products. Paraben (a synthetic preservative) has been found in low concentrations in breast cancer tumors.

Not good. Not good at all.

Etsy to the rescue!

There are numerous sellers on Etsy that sell environmentally friendly body products. Furthermore, these products usually aren't processed in big factories, minimizing the packaging and processing environmental costs.

Here are some that caught my eye: 

 Organic Cocoa-Mango Buttercream Body Butter and Leave-In Hair Conditioner Sandalwood Vanilla or Pick Your Own Fragrance (8oz) (Interested? Click Here)

 Green Tea Exfoliating Artisan Soap with Tea Leaves, Organic Oils and Shea Butter (vegan happy) (Interested? Click Here)

Sweet Orange Essence Hand and Body Lotion, Paraben Free, Vegan (Interested? Click Here)

Unscented Organic Soy Milk Shower Gel - Vegan Friendly (Interested? Click Here)

In a word: Yummy.

You could always order your own ingredients. Sites like is a great place to start.  For my own personal concoction, I just researched a bunch of different recipes and tested until perfect. 

And I proudly claim to test 100% on humans.

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